PBS Seeing is Believing

The documentary deals with the most significant cosmological discoveries in chronological order. If you find this interesting I higly recomend you read Hawkings book "a brief history of time" as it goes further in depth on the history of cosmology. and its current state. The documentary deals briefly with Hawkings, one of my favvourite people. I will be posting mopre documentaries on him next week.

Citizen Berlusconi

Imagine a man with the media control of Rupert Murdoch,  the power of George Bush, and the wealth of Bill Gates rolled into one. Multiply it all time 10 and you get Berlusconi. He can basicly do whatever he wants in italy, this is a documentary about him.

Horizon - most of our universe is missing

Documentary on the subject of Dark Matter. If you don't know what dark matter is then you will find this very informative, however for those that read a lot on the subject the documentary is rather shallow and overly hyped with 3d graphics.

Supermarket Secrets - 2 part series

If you have a weak stomach you may want to skip this one. It deals with mostly with chicken. As a business student I find it  fascinating how efficient this industry is but as a consumer, i must admit it pisses me off somewhat. I have not seen the second part, and although I always watch documentaries before posting, I thought i would include it since it is a 2 part documentary.